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Why Kayak Fishing

The reason that kayak fishing is so exciting is that every trip is an adventure. From the start to the finish you feel as if you are part of that environment, an apex predator in pursuit of its prey.

When you are that close to the fish, every take and every follow seems to propel your adrenaline levels to new highs that you won’t have otherwise experienced in regular bank, shore or boat fishing.

The Kayak

The kayak that we use for guiding is a Bic Trinidad custom, it is made of a hard wearing plastic and is very stable making it perfect for fishing. The seats have extra padding in them for increased comfort and the front deck has also got kneeling pads for those who want to get some extra height when casting. The kayak has a hollow hull with two storage compartments for cloths, food ect, there is also dry bags for any items that do not want to get wet. Depending on the type of fishing being undertaken there is a clip on trolley anchor that can easily be attached and a drogue that from time to time can be very important to a fishing session.

The Fishing Kayak