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How it all started

My initial introduction to Kayaking and Kayak fishing came about one bright sunny day. I was 14 years old, and an avid member of scouts and being dragged on one of the many outings meant for the sole purpose of tiring teenage boys. My scout leader bundled us into the bus and off we headed to Northumberland with high hopes of seeing some adventure on the fast flowing rivers.

We pulled up at the River Allen, unloaded some funny looking boats, Kayaks as I was told, and paddled out to catch some fish. Within 15minutes and to the amusement of the rest of my group, my best friend and I had managed to get the kayak stuck between two rocks in the middle of the river. As they paddled away we tried desperately to dislodge our vessel and after what seemed to be an age we were free, gliding effortlessly down the river exploring all the hidden pools that make up the Allen.

What started out as, what us East Anglians would call, ‘a rum old day’, turned out to be the excursion that got me “hooked” so to speak, and started my obsession for kayak fishing.

15 Years later, I have landed more than fifty species of fish, on 4 different continents. Used thousands of lures and flies, and much to my wife’s disapproval have tried and tested a myriad of different rods and reels. This in conjunction with my understanding of East Anglia’s waterways and the fish that frequent them, allows me to give my clients premium access to some serious rod bending action.

I look forward to having a fishing adventure with you soon.

Your guide,
Jonny Stephenson