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Quarry species that we fish for from the kayak

  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Bass
Kayak fishing for Chub

leuciscus cephalus

Target weight: 3lb
Dream weight: 5lb +


This freshwater predator can be found in the wildest, thickest and most secluded areas of the East Anglian waterways, and has a non-prescribed diet of invertebrates, insects, amphibians and small fish. It is best taken using surface flies or lures, but be prepared for a dogged and determined fight. Personal bests are usually blown out of the water, so to speak, on our guided Chub trips.

Best fishing: June – September

Kayak fishing for Perch

perca fluviatilis

Target weight: 2lb
Dream weight: 3lb +


Some would say the Perch is by far the prettiest fish to inhabit the British rivers, and provides an exciting photo experience similar to that of being snapped with Heidi Klum. Perch can be found in the deepest and darkest parts of the river which is why the best methods for fishing include small soft plastics and flies fished close to the bottom of the bed. This trip will guarantee a relaxing experience in some of the most pristine rivers in East Anglia.

Best fishing: June – October

Kayak fishing for Pike

esox lucius

Target weight: 10lb
Dream weight: 20lb +


Pike, aka the water wolf, has omnipresence in East Anglian Rivers and broad systems and is notorious for providing even the most skilled fisherman with a spirited fight from a kayak. These fish, due to their size, live on small mammals, birds, reptiles and other fish (including their own species). Consequently the best method of fishing includes surface to subsurface lures and large flies, such as Deceivers or Zonkers. Takes can involve vigorous head shaking and tail walking, yet we can assure you there is nothing more rewarding than landing a 20lb plus fish from a kayak.

Best fishing: June – March

Kayak fishing for Bass

dicentrarchus labrax

Target weight: 2lb
Dream weight: 5lb +


Sea bass, aka the Silver prince, is regarded widely as one of Britain’s premier sporting fish. Due to their diet of bait fish and crustaceans, large shoals of bass can be found in the shallow and sandy waters of Suffolk and Norfolk estuaries. Our clients will thus find that bass can be readily taken on lure and fly in such areas. Expect a breathtaking experience when the bass strip line to evade capture and repeatedly charge for deeper waters.

Best fishing: June – September