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Types of day available

If you can't see exactly what you want below get in contact and we can discuss how to create the perfect days fishing!

Bass on lure and fly

Approx 5 hour trip with refreshments £150

It doesn’t get any better than hunting bass down in the shallows but as the quality of fishing is governed by the tide, trips have been designed so that there duration takes place when the estuaries should be fishing at their best and due to this any interested individuals should book well in advance as trips are limited to these times.

Chub on lure and fly

Approx 4 hour morning or evening £125

Smash and grab style trips for those individuals who want to experience the excitement of targeting this elusive species without spending a long time on the water.

Chub, perch and pike on lure and fly

Approx10 hour trip with refreshments £200

Some of the best Adventure fishing the UK has to offer in beautiful surroundings and the only thing that will spoil the tranquillity is the sound of a large predator smashing your lure!

Pike on bait or lure and fly

Approx 5 hour morning or evening with refreshments £150
June- February

The sport doesn’t get any more frantic than when the pike are on the feed with fish regularly crashing into the side of the kayak whilst chasing your baits a great session for novices and experienced fishers alike.

Broadlands pike on lure and fly

Approx 10 hour trip with refreshments £200

If you want to stand the chance of catching a really big wild pike on lure or fly then this is the trip for you, setting place in the country’s most iconic big predator waters!

The Grand slam.. Bass, pike, chub and perch on fly and lure

All day with refreshments £300

All of the above and more, if you want a challenge and would like to stand the chance of being amongst a hand full of people to ever catch all these species in one day then book up now as limited dates are available but be warned this is a big day out so get a good night’s sleep before hand.

Photography trips

4 hour morning or evening trips £100
All year round.