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We fish just about every method possible from the Kayak

Here are just a few of the best:

Lure Fishing

Having spent many years here fishing in the UK as well as overseas, we have been able to put together a catalogue of techniques for all occasions. Whether this is working surface lures amongst the lilies in summer to twitching soft plastics deep down through hidden structure in the winter – they all catch fish!

Having affiliations with some of the country’s best known lure suppliers means we are always armed with the finest quality lures available and with our guide’s extensive knowledge of which one to use and when you really cannot put yourself in a better position for some rod bending action!

Fly Fishing

Being ultra stealthy makes the kayak the perfect craft to fly fish from, allowing us to get right amongst the fish for that all important cast. Using beautifully hand tied flies means we have the right patterns for all conditions and the species we fish for.

Bait Fishing

Using fresh live bait fished from the kayak is a lethal method of catching fish, being able to fish the bait in line with the flow or tide of the river is a big plus as it allows the bait freedom with no water pressure to inhibit its movement. There is very few more exciting moments in fishing than seeing a float sink away into the depths.


The best sporting fish in British seas , the Bass is an excellent species to fish for on fly, lure or bait. Using the kayak to stalk the shallow waters of the East Anglian estuaries can bring fantastic sport on light gear, and is the closest thing you will find to flats style Bone Fish fishing in the UK.

The season runs between may to October with fishing really hotting up in the middle months.


Chub are probably the craftiest fish that swim in the UK rivers, and catching specimen sized fish isn’t easy, but our guides have the watercraft and knowhow to put our anglers onto some very big fish. The most exciting fishing comes on the lures and fly, and trips take place between June 15th until late September.


As beautiful as it is aggressive the Perch is a great species to target on lure and fly. Big perch like to live in the most inaccessible parts of the river, so only by using the kayak can we access these spots. The season starts June 15th and perch fishing runs until late October.